Welcome to the ALL of YOU Show 2021 VIP library.

Here you find access to ALL of the talks from this amazing event. You can flip to watch them full screen by clicking in the bottom right of the screens and you can rewind and forward to your hearts content. Please note that that the free gifts mentioned, were part of the event and therefor may or may no longer be available. I encourage you to then reach out to the speakers. Most will have something else to share with you. Enjoy the show!

Joyce van der Lely

Bodhi Simpson

Larissa Russell

Allyson Bright

Shannon Hayes

Nina Hart

Lisa McCourt

Isabelle Mercier

Maria Aleandra

Kathy Stowell

Nicole Bayliss

Lou Reed

Gurutej Khalsa

Tanya Penny

Anna Garcia

Mitta Vicki Wise

Deidre Tansey

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Stephanie Michelle

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x❤️x Joyce