The All of You show Live #1

This is where I welcome ALL of You to the ALL of You Show

and explain the rhythm of this event.

How we, let’s say, “rock and roll” this week 😉

You can come here to watch the replay or watch back in the Facebook. 

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All of You show Live #2

Today we focus on the Medicine of Creative Expression with:

Bodhi Simpson ; Larissa Russell and Allyson Bright.

All of You show Live #3

Today it’s all about words of Wisdom 

How Writing makes for Happy Thoughts  with:

Shannon Hayes ; Nina Hart and Lisa McCourt.

All of You show Live #4

Focus today is on Creativity in Business and Strategies

with: Isabelle Mercier Maria Aleandra and Kathy Stowell

All of You show Live #5

Introducing a day that’s ALL about energy!

with Nicole Bayliss ; Lou Reed and Gurutej Khalsa

All of You show Live #6

Today’s focus is on Holistic Health for Mind and Body

with: Tanya Penny ; Anna Garcia and Mitta Wise

All of You show Live #7

Today we explore the Multi passionate Ways

with: Deidre Tansey ; Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey and Stephanie Michelle